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December 16th, 2006

but tonight I've gone through and made some flist cuts. I haven't done this before for fear of hurting anyone's feelings, but after several years on LJ, my flist has become cluttered with people who have friended me and then, for whatever reason, NEVER commented on my entries and/or not commented back when I've commented to them. Enough posts/comments without a reply and I have to think that you are not interested. Also, some journals I cut seem to be abandoned--there've been no posts for ages--and there's no point keeping them on my flist just to add to my number of "friends".

If I've cut you in error, please let me know here.


--Frodoslegacy/Kris Spirit

October 27th, 2005

Speak "Friend" and Enter...

SW Santa Fett by
I've had to lock my journal due to the existence of some RL people that aren't very nice. However, if you are from the Harry Potter, LotR or Star Wars fandom, then visitors, well-wishers, and new friends are welcome!

Please comment and I'll be happy to add you if it looks like we have something in common.

"Marauders' Party" by Marta.

At the moment there are more LotR things than HP archived here, since I've been in that fandom longer. Such as: ficlets that never made it to my site, Frodo's Legacy, as well as quizzes and memes--including one I made:

Dead Frodo
You are Dead Frodo. You represent Frodo after he
has been attacked by Shelob, the giant spider.
You are comatose and wrapped in webbing. Kinda
sucky, but look on the bright side. You are the
rarest of the all action figures, being that
you are a one-of-a-kind custom created by
Ar-Pharazon for his personal collection!

Which Frodo Action Figure Are You?
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There are also interesting pics:

And probably less interesting ramblings about my life, not to mention the occasional color bar or two:

Boba Fett isn't love, it's obsession!

tolkien is love
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And more!

October 23rd, 2005

I spent a good deal of time on airplanes this weekend so naturally (if a bit morbidly), my thoughts turned to our favorite ill-fated airplane story. These were was the result.

If "Lost" Was Cast From Your LiveJournal by Frodoslegacy
The reluctant hero doctorwicked_swann
The bald defacto shaman of the groupsideshowkat
The fugitivebeizy
The junkie has-been rock starfleshdress
The redneck con manaprilkat
The pregnant ladypotterpuffs
The rich bitchiharthdarth
The spooky psychic kidhobbit_trollop
Other #1marauder_lupin
Other #2savagexangel
The polar bearmalicevamp24
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Future Episodes of "Lost"--cast from your LiveJournal! by Frodoslegacy
First to have sex with a fellow castawayathelasleaf
First to sample the stash of herionthatmikeychick
Next person Ana-Lucia puncheskeye
Next person eaten by the monsteraquila0212
First to figure out what pushing "the button" doesnoveltyspoons
Next to be taken by "The Others"frodoslegacy
The one who always gets stuck babysitting Aaronfleshdress
First to be rescued from the Islandcarolina30363
Who stays behind when rescue comesi_o_r_h_a_e_l
First to sue Oceanic Airlinesforever__rain
Who wakes up in bed and finds it's all a dreamgreen_ghost
Quiz created with MemeGen!

OMG--*I'm* the next one taken by the others? I was hoping for the sex one! :p

July 21st, 2005

Sirius/Remus Drabbles

SW Santa Fett by
I posted these in my rp journal, marauder_black, some time ago. Am inspired by the current HPB frenzy everywhere to archive them here in my main journal. And maybe--finish some longer WIP's too!

Title: Last Night
Author: Marauder_Black and Marauder_Lupin (aka Frodoslegacy and Hobbit_Trollop)
Characters/Pairing: Sirius Black and Remus Lupin
Rating: R for suggested adult activity and underage drinking
Word Count: 100 (Ha!)
Author's Note: Because this line of Remus's has been begging to be made into a drabble for some time.
Orignally posted: 04/06/05

"I said WHAT?" asked Remus, eyes widening.

"Your exact words were, 'Padfoot, I can't sleep--take off your trousers,'" Sirius repeated. "And then you proceeded to... well, you know." Sirius grinned widely.
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Title: Lumos Maximus
Author: Marauder_Black aka Frodoslegacy aka Kris Spirit (Aaagh! Too many names!)
Characters/Pairing: RL/SB
Word Count: 100--go me!
Rating: PG
Originally posted: 05/10/05

The sudden blaze of light in the room could only mean one thing--Sirius had come to bed at last. Remus squinted and watched the slender silhouette of Sirius move about the room, muttering "Lumos."
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X-posted to remusxsirius when they were first written.

January 31st, 2004

Title: Interlude in Lorien

Authors: hobbit_trollop aka Angelica Headstrong and frodoslegacy aka Kris Spirit

Setting and Summary: Shortly after the Fellowship arrive in Lothlorien and are greeted by Galadriel and Celeborn, they split up to tend to their own affairs. This is an account of how Frodo and Samwise might have spent that evening. It begins with them mulling over events of the past--both recent and long-past--and ends with an event occurring that both are sure to remember.

Rating: NC-17 for slashy sexual content

Authors' note: This is written by two authors, each providing the POV of their character.

Disclaimer: We do it for love, and probably because we have to, somehow. No disrespect or copyright infringement is intended, and we make no money from our tale.

Feedback and suggestions: Welcome!

Special thanks to: carolina30363 for her support and encouragement from the beginning.

Interlude in Lorien Parts I and IICollapse )
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